Ra Ra, Rawdon!

Photo credit: Beatriz Mora Verdun recently competed in the Rawdon Festival, a welcome break from the more intense competitions in the Triple Crown trifecta (H20, Montreal Challenge, Quebec Cup). Set in the Lanaudière region in southwestern Quebec, the competition featured three races (400m, a 200m sprint, and a 400m finale), set against the gorgeous backdrop … Continue reading Ra Ra, Rawdon!

What?! You still paddle in the winter?

Indoor training at Canal Fitness: Verdun Dragon Boat Club

Just imagine. It’s -30 degrees Celsius. You’re strapping on your boots, zipping up your parka, grabbing your paddle, and getting ready to face winter head-on… the canal? One of the many misconceptions of dragon boating; especially in Canada is that once the outdoor training facilities closed up for the season we stop paddling. Though that … Continue reading What?! You still paddle in the winter?