Verdun Gives Back: Painting Trinity United Church

Athletes by day, painters… on the weekend?

Ever wonder what Verdun Impact and Force dragon boaters do in their spare time? Some provide physio to clients, others show houses (or even coordinate Comicons!), while still others paint century-old churches!

Verdun’s fierce dragon boat club is known for three things: Competitiveness, Camaraderie, and Community. The commitment to give back to the community was demonstrated this past weekend when a brave group of paddlers trouped over to the wilds of Rosemont’s Trinity United Church. Armed with paintbrushes, ladders, and rollers, they set out to give this over 100- year old sanctuary a much-needed facelift.

The site of our popular Spaghetti night fundraiser in May, where paddlers joined forces to assembly line servings of delicious pasta, homemade pasta sauces, and a delicious array of baked goods (people are still raving about Angela’s carrot cake), we were thrilled to have held the event in the church, in exchange for our willingness to freshen up a few of the spaces. All thanks go to as Assistant Coach Sheri Cameron (teacher by day, paddler by night, and Sunday school teacher by weekend) for negotiating such a deal

Putting tape around the finicky and ornamental sconces and radiators with the patience of Mother Theresa, learning new Yiddish curse words from Coach Ira Lax as paint splashed despite best efforts, “Look at that shmutz. You need a shmatah for that.”), members of Verdun’s Impact and Force teams applied their creative sides to update the Church with a fresh coat of purple paint.

Boogying to a backdrop of ‘80s rock music, paddlers scaled various heights to cover the walls, power couple Beatriz and Emir climbed ladders with the finesse of Micheangelo (I still shudder when thinking of Emir reaching to paint the high ceilings, stretched on one flip-flop covered toe).

But what a difference! Never shall it be said that Verdun dragon boaters will abandon a church in need. As we say, “have paddle (or paintbrush); will travel”.

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