Fantastic race weekend at the Montreal Challenge!

What an incredible and fun weekend at the Montreal Challenge!

Leaving with Two Bronze medals, and a GOLD medal in the 500m final!!

Competing in torrential rains in between thunder and lightening storms, and then baking in the hot sun, it was a weekend of Teamwork, Camaraderie, Pushing ourselves beyond our Limits – and Rising to the Challenge!

Under the expert leadership of coaches extraordinaire Ira and Sheri, and our dynamic captains Maureen, Will, Mélanie, Emir, and Naeem, Verdun Impact brought a Bronze medal home in the 500m final, and a GOLD medal with our fierce women’s team! Congrats to the men’s team, Brute Force, for your Bronze in the 500m final!


Some amazing memories from the weekend:
  • Really feeling so much part of a team getting briefed by Ira and Sheri before the races, and then strategizing to work towards those goals and focusing on the catch, leaning out, giving more air time, reaching, and having an explosive start and finish
  • The incredible downpour that happened smack dab in the middle of the men’s Semi-final 500m race! and our guys, after shaking their heads at the initial shock, continuing on, undaunted!
  • Lining up to high five Team Caravela as they got off the boat from the 2k race – and Josh’s comments about his derrière being in an immense amount of pain from doing two back to back 2000m races with mens and Caravela 
  • Being ushered to the podium to receive our medals and really feeling part of a team
  • Hailey joining us for the pictures and playfully roughhousing with the Shockwaves mascot
  • Our mom sneaking in to join us in the high-five line-up (what can I say, she’s a huge fan :))

  • Vermont’s women’s team asking Us for advice on their stroke, after a long-standing rivalry!
  • Pushing through and beating our personal best times in the Women’s 500m final race
  • The good-naturedness of our paddlers who would fill in for Women’s, Men’s, or Carivela at the drop of a hat, despite what must have been certain exhaustion (Emir, Beatriz and David, this shout-out is for you)
  • Fun relay races as we warmed up for the Women’s team’s 2k
  • The Women’s team cheering on Sheri who excelled at the turns in the 2k
  • Jaw-dropping, seeing the dramatic sinking of the two boats in the men’s 2k…


  • That feeling of Powerfulness, Strength, Pride, and sheer Awesomeness in the Impact 2k – we really gelled together so well
  • The insane sense of comaraderie, pride of being part of such a high performing team, and hearing the cheers of “Go VERDUUUUNNNNN!” coming from the sides
Thank you again for such a fantastic weekend, an amazing feeling of achievement after that weekend, and the most incredible experience of being part of a team like Verdun. We did it!
Paddles Up!
Marian and Randy

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